Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Fair offer?

Resources, hands-on activities, and lifestyle information for every aspect of active living for older adults and their families, caregivers, and those individuals seeking credible, reliable planning information. Over 130 companies, individuals, and agencies will have booths at the Fair showing off their products and services. In addition, health screenings and tests, safety education, flu shots, all-day live entertainment, dancing, arts and crafts, quilt and photo shows,  prizes and awards.

What kind of information can I find at the Fair?

Our exhibitors have products and services covering virtually every area of interest; including Housing; Financial Services; Medical, Health, and Wellness; Legal; Travel; Education; Hobbies, Sports, and Activities; Music and Entertainment; Technology; Volunteering and Community. See our list of Exhibitors.

What can I do at the Fair?

Get a flu shot; find out about housing; legal issues; volunteering, travel and educational opportunities, research other lifestyle resources; get health and healthcare questions answered; learn to operate your digital camera with a one-on-one with the pros; enjoy the Avenue of The Quilts; take part in ongoing fitness clinics and classes, enjoy a Photography Show by award winning Marin photographers; take in the all day entertainment on the Main Stage and around the Fair. Dance, socialize with old friends and make new friends, interact with therapy critters, win prizes and attend the Awards Ceremony.

Is the Fair for seniors only?

No, not at all. The fair has items of interest for seniors, their caretakers, and their families. Seniors will find the Fair a perfect place to research and explore the opportunities for active living as they think about and begin to make plans for their future life experiences.

What is this year’s theme?

The 2018 theme is Connecting Community, the bringing together of people and information in our community. You'll find a variety of exhibits, activities, and entertainment supporting this year's theme.

Can my organization sponsor the Fair?

Yes! We would love to have you be a sponsor of the Fair. For more information, see our Sponsor page.

How can my business or organization become an exhibitor?

Yes! Please apply online to become an exhibitor. See our Exhibitor Information page for rates, information, and online signup.

What’s the date, time and location of the Fair?

The 2018 Marin Senior Fair is Wednesday, October 24 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, at the Marin Exhibit Hall, 10 Avenue of The Flags, in San Rafael, CA. Admission is Free.

Is the Fair held indoors or outdoors?

The Marin Senior Fair is held indoors. All exhibits, activities, and entertainment are held in the Marin Exhibit Hall.

How much does it cost to attend?

Admission is free.

Is there parking? Is it free?

Yes, and yes. There is plenty of free parking in and around the Marin Exhibit Hall. A free shuttle runs continuously between the parking lots and Fair's main entrance. Courtesy of Whistlestop. See Getting to the Fair for more information.

Can I purchase lunch or a snack at the Fair?

Yes. Healthy and moderately priced lunches, snacks and beverages and seating are available.

Can I get a ride to and from the Fair? What does it cost?

Yes, and it's free. I you don’t want to drive, Whistlestop provides free roundtrip Fair shuttle service between the Fair and the San Rafael Transit Center. The pickup location in San Rafael is 930 Tamalpais Avenue. Shuttles drop-off and pick-up visitors at the Fair's main entrance. The first bus leaves Whistlestop at 9:00 am and the last bus departs the Fair at 3:15 pm. See Getting to the Fair for more information.

Do you offer flu shots?

Yes. Sutter Care at Home offers flue shots at the Fair. Look for them in the Wellness Center.

Can I volunteer to help at the Fair?

Yes. We have a variety of ways you can help. Please see our Volunteering Information page for information.

How many exhibitor booths are at the Fair?

Over 130 colorful and interesting exhibitors are ready to welcome you at the Fair. They offer everything from lifestyle information, to health screenings, from demonstrations to hands on activities. See our list of Exhibitors.

How many people attend the Fair?

4,000 to 5,000 people enjoy the Fair each year.

Is the Fair wheelchair accessible?


2018 Marin Senior Fair

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Marin Center Exhibit Hall

2018 Platinum Sponsors